At JDRF, our plan is to create a future where:

Your blood glucose levels can be controlled automatically

You can sleep, eat, exercise, and live as if T1D is not in your life

T1D can be cured and is no longer present in your body

T1D can be prevented and never threaten anyone again

Every dollar will help bring us closer to a world without type 1 diabetes.

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JDRF isn’t just imagining this. We’re making it happen.

JDRF research focuses on key therapies that hold significant promise in turning Type One into Type None.

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Artificial Pancreas

A series of increasingly sophisticated artificial pancreas systems that progressively eliminate blood glucose testing and automate delivery of insulin and additional hormones.

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Implantable beta cell replacement therapies that restore insulin independence without the need for intensive immune suppression.

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Smart Insulin

Single dose of insulin that circulates in the bloodstream and turns on when it’s needed and off when it’s not.

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The body’s beta cell function is restored and the autoimmune attack is halted—in short, the biologic cure for T1D.

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Slow or halt the progression of T1D before insulin dependence, and long-term, eliminate the risk of developing the disease.

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Together, we will turn Type One into Type None.

JDRF’s plan for progress requires more funding than we have today. JDRF funds over $100 million in T1D research each year. Currently, JDRF’s ongoing research programs total $568 million around the world to discover and develop therapies to improve life with T1D, and eventually eliminate T1D from our lives entirely. But it is not enough. We know we can get from Type One to Type None faster by accelerating our fundraising and continuing to build momentum in T1D research. Your support is critical to creating a future where T1D is a thing of the past.