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Welcome to JDRF’s Information for Applicants.

Apply for funding

As the leading charitable funder of diabetes research worldwide, JDRF offers a wide variety of grants and fellowships to qualified researchers.

JDRF is committed to spending approximately $111 million in FY2013 to support research relevant to our mission of finding a cure for diabetes and its complications.

Please review the JDRF FY2014 Research Priority Areas.

We encourage all qualified researchers interested in solving the clinical and scientific problems associated with type 1 diabetes to apply for funding and become a part of our winning team.

JDRF is strongly committed to conducting extensive internal and external peer review prior to funding any research project. Peer review is indispensable to operating the world’s largest and most highly regarded public T1D research program. JDRF wishes to thank all the external reviewers who helped JDRF evaluate research proposals during FY2013.