Funding Opportunities and Deadlines

Deadlines are 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time (no extensions will be granted)

Requests for Applications (RFAs)

RFA Details E/LOI Deadline Application
Start Date
Immune Therapies
Discovery and Validation of Biomarkers for Recent-Onset Human Type 1 Diabetes RFA  11/14/2014  1/23/2014  5/2015  6/2015
Prevention Therapies
JDRF Microbiome Consortium Data Coordinating Center RFA 4/10/2015 5/21/2015 8/2015 9/2015
Complications Therapies
Diabetic Nephropathy Biomarker Discovery and Validation Using Type 1 Diabetes Cohorts 7/14/2014 10/2014 3/2015 4/2015
JDRF Canadian Clinical Trial Network (CCTN) Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Translation in T1D Program RFA N/A 6/4/2015 9/2015 10/2015

All Other Grant Mechanisms
Application Timeline
Application Opens Application Deadline Application Notification Earliest Start Date
Innovative Grants 5/22/2015 7/30/2015 2/2016 3/2016
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship
Career Development Awards
Early Career Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research Awards
5/22/2015 7/30/2015 2/2016 3/2016

In FY2015, JDRF is pleased to partner with the Danish Diabetes Academy to provide match funding (50% each) for all trainees [Postdoctoral Fellows (PF), Advanced Postdoctoral Fellows (APF), Career Development Awards (CDA) and Early Career Patient-Oriented Diabetes Research (ECPODR) Awards]. Trainee applicants and awardees interested in this partnership must document scientific collaboration with scientific members of the Danish Diabetes Academy and will be designated as members of the Danish Diabetes Academy Faculty, and participate in DDA projects that provide training in diabetes for young investigators.

For more information about the Danish Diabetes Academy and its projects, please see If you are interested in participating in the DDA, please indicate your interest by contacting JDRF Grant Staff or Danish Diabetes Academy cc managing director Tore Christiansen

For information about work packages related to type 1 diabetes research in the Danish Diabetes Academy please see or contact managing director Tore Christiansen

Strategic Research Agreements
N/A 8/14/2015 9/2015 N/A
N/A 11/13/2015 12/2015 N/A
N/A 2/5/2016 3/2016 N/A
Industry Discovery & Development Partnerships Visit the IDDP webpage: contact Richard A. Insel, M.D. ( and/or appropriate Therapeutic Area Program Director
Conference Grants Submit Application to the Appropriate Therapeutic Area Program Director, 3-6 months prior to meeting date

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