Contact JDRF Research Staff

Are you looking for JDRF’s public contact information? You can find that here.

To contact the JDRF Research Staff, please see below.


Richard Insel Chief Scientific Officer 212-479-7604
Tracy Harris Executive Assistant 212-859-7822

Research Business Development

Jit Patel Vice President 212-859-7806
Peter Lomedico Director 617-921-4609
Michael Batten Director 212-479-7565
Maria Luisa Candelore Associate Director 212-859-7838
Taquice Campbell Administrative Assistant 212-859-7857

Translational Development

Steven Griffen Vice President 212-479-7642
Sanjoy Dutta Assistant Vice President 212-479-7668
Helen Dawn Nickerson Director 212-479-7522
Marlon Pragnell Sr. Program Scientist 212-479-7624
Vincent Crabtree Sr. Manager 212-479-7630
Michele Montanez Administrative Assistant 212-859-7841

Artificial Pancreas

Aaron Kowalski Vice President 212-479-7512

Discovery Research

Julia Greenstein Vice President 212-479-7682
Jessica Dunne Director 212-479-7595
Albert Hwa Director 212-479-7663
Andrew Rakeman Director 212-479-7522
David Alleva Director 212-479-7547
Simi Ahmed Sr. Program Scientist 212-479-7679
Pat Kilian Director 212-785-9500
Frank Martin Program Scientist 212-479-7554
Michele Montanez Administrative Assistant 212-859-7841


Olivia Lou Scientific Program Manager 212-479-7606
Olivier Arnaud European Scientific Development Officer 33-6-814-802-71

Research Administration

Emily Milligan Sr. Director, Research Administration & Project Management 212-479-7519
Sydney Yovic Sr. Manager, Research Administration 212-479-7674
Alon Kaplun Director of Project Management 212-479-7580
Amanda Rieder Manager, Research Administration 212-479-7575
Catherine McCaffrey Project Manager, Discovery Development 212-479-7864
Shachi Vyas Project Manager, Translational Development 212-859-7844
Randall Rowe Project Manager, Partnerships 212-859-7873
Zenia Dacio-Mesina Sr. Program Administrator 212-479-7635
Tamara Siskind Sr. Program Administrator 212-479-7626
Karen Ng Program Administrator 212-479-7563
Gabriela Mogrovejo Financial Manager 212-479-7694
Jami Goodman Program Administrator 212-479-7603
Christine Dredger Research Coordinator 212-479-7614
Shelby Sharp Research Coordinator 212-479-7549

For information regarding submission of applications and other pre-award related inquiries please contact

For information regarding active awards and other post-award related inquiries please contact

For any non grant-specific inquiries or issues, please contact SmartSimple Support Services via email at or phone at (866) 239-0991. Support hours are Monday through Friday between 5:00am and 9:00pm US Eastern Standard Time.

Media Contacts

To coordinate Press Releases, please contact:

Christopher Rucas
Director, Public Relations
Office: (212) 479-7667

Please mail all documentation/requests, attention to the corresponding person above, at:

Attention: ________________
26 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10004