Contact JDRF Research Staff

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To contact the JDRF Research Staff, please see below.

Research & Advocacy

Lisa Strazza Executive Assistant 212-859-7825


Richard Insel Chief Scientific Officer 212-479-7604
Tracy Harris Research Assistant 212-859-7822

Research Business Development

Jit Patel Vice President 212-859-7806
Peter Lomedico Director 617-921-4609
Bethany Salmon Associate Director 212-479-7565
Maria Luisa Candelore Associate Director 212-859-7838
Dhanuraj Shetty Associate Director 212-479-7624
Taquice Campbell Administrative Assistant 212-859-7857

Translational Development

Steven Griffen Vice President 212-479-7642
Sanjoy Dutta Assistant Vice President 212-479-7668
Jiangfeng Fei Sr. Manager Technology 212-859-7832
Helen Dawn Nickerson Director 212-479-7522
Marlon Pragnell Sr. Program Scientist 212-479-7624
Michele Montanez Administrative Assistant 212-859-7841

Artificial Pancreas

Aaron Kowalski Vice President 212-479-7512

Discovery Research

Julia Greenstein Vice President 212-479-7682
Jessica Dunne Sr. Program Scientist 212-479-7595
Albert Hwa Sr. Program Scientist 212-479-7663
Andrew Rakeman Director 212-479-7522
Simi Ahmed Scientific Program Manager 212-479-7679
Pat Kilian Director 212-785-9500
Michele Montanez Administrative Assistant 212-859-7841


Marie Nierras Assistant Vice President 212-479-7589
Olivia Lou Scientific Program Manager 212-479-7606
Olivier Arnaud European Scientific Development Officer 33-6-814-802-71

Research Administration

Emily Milligan Sr. Director, Research Administration & Project Management 212-479-7519
Sydney Yovic Sr. Manager, Research Administration 212-479-7674
Raquel Bowman Budget and Grants Coordinator 212-859-7820
Alon Kaplun Director of Project Management 212-479-7580
Maria Bieg Manager, Research Administration 212-479-7549
Amanda Rieder Manager, Research Administration 212-479-7575
Shachi Vyas Project Manager, Translational Development 212-859-7844
Karen Ng Sr. Grants Coordinator 212-479-7563
Zenia Dacio-Mesina Grants Administrator 212-479-7635
Tamara Siskind Grants Administrator 212-479-7626
Gabriela Mogrovejo Grants Administrator 212-479-7694
Sarah Brown Sr. Grants Coordinator 212-479-7643

For information regarding submission of applications and other pre-award related inquiries please contact

For information regarding active awards and other post-award related inquiries please contact

For any non grant-specific inquiries or issues, please contact SmartSimple Support Services via email at or phone at (866) 239-0991. Support hours are Monday through Friday between 5:00am and 9:00pm US Eastern Standard Time.

Media Contacts

To coordinate Press Releases, please contact:

Christopher Rucas
Director, Public Relations
Office: (212) 479-7667

Please mail all documentation/requests, attention to the corresponding person above, at:

Attention: ________________
26 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10004