Make a Stock Gift

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual funds are another great way to give to JDRF. You get an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of securities you have owned more than one year, subject to the usual limitation, and capital gains tax will be completely avoided on these assets.

To transfer securities to JDRF, please contact Gary Curto at (212) 479-7551. Gary can also be reached at

Basic Instructions for stock transfer

A.) Broker handling the transfer of securities for JDRF.

Randy Dominguez
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Vice President – Investments
100 Campus Drive, 3rd Floor Florham Park, NJ 07932

JDRF, account # 825-03211

DTC 5198, Merrill Lynch

Broker contact Info:

Phone: (973) 301-7764


Phone: (973) 301-6356

B.) Required Information needed

  1. Name and address of donor
  2. Name of stock to be transferred
  3. # of shares or approximate value of stock

JDRF contact info:

Gary Curto
26 Broadway 14th Floor
NY NY 10004
PH # 212-479-7551
Fax # 212-785-9595