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Ford Motor Company’s involvement with JDRF began in 1983 when Ford hosted a JDRF walk fundraiser at Ford’s Research & Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. The event was a success, and continued annually at Ford until 1990, when JDRF consolidated several smaller walk sites into one large walk site in Warren, Michigan.

 Ford Family
From Left: Cynthia, Albert and Edsel B. Ford II.

In 1998, Ford organized a formal walk team with Edsel B. Ford II as the Corporate Team Chair and the team raised over $180,000 for JDRF at three sites in Southeastern Michigan. The following year, the first “global” walk team was established and raised over $760,000 at 11 sites worldwide.

Since the 1998 inception of the employee-driven group known as the Ford Global Action Team, through 2011, $39 Million has been raised. Today, fundraisers go way beyond Walk to Cure Diabetes participation. Employee efforts include many creative fundraising initiatives like raffles, parking spot and job-switch drawings, auctions, paper sneaker sales, jeans days, bake sales, dunk tanks, golf tournaments, softball and bowling games, and barbecues. Innovation and friendly competition between Ford buildings and plants has proven successful year after year. In addition to these grassroots efforts, funds are also raised through corporate initiatives like the Our Everyday Heroes Race Car Design Contest for JDRF, vehicle auctions, merchandise sales and the Online Auction.

Ford Motor Company is the largest global sponsor of JDRF, a prestigious honor the company holds in high esteem.  No other company or organization has made a larger impact on JDRF funding overall.

In 2011, more than $3 million was raised by 42 Ford Global Action Team sites to fund critical JDRF research, surpassing the $3 million mark for the ninth year in a row.

Ford Lady GolfersHappy golfers at another fabulous event presented by the Ford Purchasing Team.

Ford Global Action Team Members at the Warren, MI walk.



Biking to a Cure – a creative way to raise funds!


Golf events have been hugely successful for the Ford Global Action Team!

Over the years, the team has grown by leaps and bounds and expanded to include many national partners that currently include the UAW, Mazda, and WPP. Ford Motor Company has also been generous in supporting fundraising efforts through the donation of vehicles for auction, as well as opportunities with many Ford programs, such as Ford Motorcraft and Quick Lane racing contests, Drive One, and Operation Goodwill.  Read some exciting updates here:

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The 2012 Ford team is currently working hard to raise even more funding globally and is committed to supporting JDRF and finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

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