Bayer HealthCare


Bayer HealthCare (Diabetes Care) is a leading manufacturer of diabetes monitoring systems and other products and services that simplify life for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals. A long-time supporter of JDRF both locally and nationally, Bayer’s early support for people with T1D began in 1998 with its sponsorship of the JDRF Bag of Hope Program. Today, Bayer continues to provide tools helpful to people newly diagnosed with T1D as one of three partners supporting JDRF’s new T1D Care Kit, a resource for adults newly diagnosed with T1D. The kit includes important adult-focused, life-stage resources, including Bayer’s Contour® Next meter, a Contour Choice card, and educational inserts. Bayer is also a member of JDRF’s Industry Partner Advisory Panel, a forum whose purpose is to maintain an open dialogue with JDRF’s industry partners.


T1D Care Kit Photo for partner pages Through the generosity of sponsors including Bayer HealthCare (Diabetes Care), JDRF created the T1D Care Kit as part of an effort to ensure that all individuals newly diagnosed with T1D receive the information and support necessary to adjust to life with the disease. JDRF has found that its Bag of Hope is extremely beneficial to families of newly diagnosed children with T1D and is confident that the T1D Care Kit will be just as valuable for newly diagnosed adults. This sling-style bag includes important resources and information to educate, support, and inspire adults age 16 and older who have recently received a diagnosis with T1D. The kit is now available through local JDRF chapters and is free of charge.