Ask a Student: Going on the Pump

A young adult perspective by Allison Blass I went on the pump six years ago, when I was 15. At the time, I really didn’t know very much about it other than it was something I had to wear all the time. Having something attached to me seemed like the uncoolest thing in the world. […]

Exercise, Sports & Diabetes: Going for the Goal

Physical exercise is important for everyone’s health and well-being, but it’s especially important for people with diabetes. The steps a person with diabetes takes to improve overall fitness can be greatly beneficial, because regular exercise helps lower blood sugar levels and keep them in target range. Exercise physiologist Gary Scheiner, M.S., C.D.E., provides proactive diabetes […]

Diabulimia: Skipping Insulin to Lose Weight

A new type of “eating” disorder has surfaced recently, one that only strikes people with type 1 diabetes, many of whom are young women. Sometimes referred to as “diabulimia,” this condition occurs when type 1 individuals skip or restrict their required insulin doses in order to lose weight. Called “ED-DMT1 by medical professionals, diabulimia and […]

Blogger Round Table Series Session 1: Diabetes Bloggers Find New Purpose, Connections Through Blogging

Moderated by Allison Blass JDRF is introducing a new round table series with nine bloggers in the online diabetes community. They all have different backgrounds, were diagnosed at different stages in life and have different styles of managing their diabetes. Scott Johnson, Bernard Farrell, and Kerri Morrone were all diagnosed as children and are insulin […]