Managing Type 1 Diabetes as a Teen

Many teens struggle with achieving good type 1 diabetes management as they gain independence and responsibility for their own health. One teen dealing with this issue wrote to the Online Diabetes Support Team and received the following response. Q: I have diabetes for about 7 years now and am still finding it difficult to adjust. […]

5 Tips for the College-Bound Student With Diabetes

Visit the student health center. Meet the staff of the health center. They are your best connection to staying healthy while away from your hometown doctor. Meet the nurses, meet the nutritionist, and meet with a doctor that you can call with questions. Put a business card on your desk bulletin board in case of emergencies. […]

Ask A Parent: Enrolling Your Child in a New School

Q: We had to evacuate our home in New Orleans and move to a new community in Dallas, and I’m worried about enrolling my child in a new school that doesn’t know about his diabetes or his care plan. A: From Lisa Shenson, member of JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team, mother of a daughter with […]

Back to School: Strategies for Success

Team spirit is a big part of every student’s school life. Whether they’re on the debate team or the soccer team, acting in the school play or making teams of their own (fans of superheroes, clubhouse, or gymnastics), being a part of a group is important to a young person’s self identity. Students with type […]

Dealing with a New Diagnosis in College

A diabetes diagnosis is shocking at any point in life, but a new diagnosis can be especially difficult in college. Most college students are alone during their diagnosis, which is why education and support are crucial during the first few months. After the Diagnosis Thousands of students with diabetes have lived fun, interesting, and successful […]

Ask a Teen: Sibling Rivalry

Q: My little sister was diagnosed in December, and now she’s getting all the attention, and I’m really jealous. I’m 13 and really know better than that, and I know I need to be more mature, but I can’t help it. HELP ME PLEASE!!! A: I know what it means when siblings of kids with […]

Diabetes Burnout: The "I Can't Take It Anymore" Syndrome

By Allison Blass Anyone who has had diabetes for, oh, a day, knows how challenging it can be. Whether you are a parent, friend, or someone with diabetes like me, the disease is a never-ending source of demands, confusion, and frustration. Most people eventually feel a sense of “diabetes burnout” (a term coined by diabetes […]