Research Teamwork is Key to Curing Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF takes center stage at Capitol Hill briefing on accelerating biomedical research progress Richard A. Insel, M.D., JDRF’s Chief Scientific Officer, joined other research leaders at a Congressional briefing on, “How the Research-by-Consortia Model Will Lead to Faster Cures” held recently in Washington D.C. The briefing brought together biomedical leaders from foundations, industry, government, and […]

Letter from Leadership

Letter from Leadership

  Welcome to Countdown! For all of us connected to type 1 diabetes—adults and children and their families, physicians, researchers, everyone at JDRF—we are living in exciting times! In the past eight years that I have been at JDRF, I have seen significant advances in type 1 diabetes discovery research and its clinical translation, and […]

Scientists Identify Key Differences in the Microbiome of People with Type 1 Diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes may have a different makeup of gut flora—the microbes that live in the human digestive tract—compared to that found in people without the disease. By studying the collection of genes within this microbiome and assessing their functions, researchers hope to understand if, and how, an altered microbiome contributes to autoimmunity and the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Preventing Type 1 Diabetes: The leadership role of JDRF

By Richard Insel, M.D. As JDRF remains steadfast in its mission of curing type 1 diabetes, we are also committed to both improving treatments for individuals with the disease and preventing the disorder itself. Our treatment priorities include developing new drugs and devices that significantly improve glucose control, reduce the daily burden of living with […]