Looking Ahead

As a kid, there were many things I loved about 1968. I looked forward to watching a raucous new TV show called Laugh-In and never missed an episode of the spy spoof Get Smart. I also learned to ski in 1968. When I shushed down the mountain, I pictured myself as the next Jean-Claude Killy, […]

50-Year Medalist Study Shows Positive Results

In the JDRF-funded Medalist Study of individuals who have lived with T1D for at least 50 years, researchers have discovered that some Medalists are protected from advanced diabetic retinopathy because they have a slow rate of retinopathy onset or progression. Further, after 20 years of T1D, progression of retinopathy appears to halt. Researchers can now search for factors that mediate this slow disease progression and exploit them to develop new strategies to prevent or treat diabetic retinopathy.

Triumphing over Type 1 Diabetes: Meet the Medalists

Triumphing over Type 1 Diabetes: Meet the Medalists

By Michelle A. Cissell, Ph.D. “I have [type 1] diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t have me.” Those words illustrate the feisty attitude of Annette Richardson-Bienkowski, 72, a participant in the 50-Year Medalist Study at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. Led by George King, M.D., chief scientific officer at Joslin, this groundbreaking research study, which has received […]