Raising the Game

mySugr Companion is a diabetes-management app that helps people with insulin-treated diabetes take control of their therapy through play. One of the first registered medical devices in the iPhone App Store, Companion is now the top diabetes-management iPhone app in six European countries and the United States.

Focus on Fathers

Focus on Fathers

Whether nurturing his family while managing his type 1 diabetes or doing what it takes to support those in his family living with the disease, each of our T1D Dads does a lot for us and they often to it unheralded. So why not show them you “get” what they do for us by joining our Instagram #T1Dads campaign?

Know Your Numbers

By Kalia Doner When it comes to managing type 1 diabetes, there’s a lot of pressure on you to hit your target blood glucose levels day in and day out. That can make worrying about other measurements of your overall health—cholesterol, blood pressure, body weight—seem like more than you want to take on. “But the […]