Q & A: When a School Nurse Is Needed

Question My son, who is four years old and has type 1 diabetes, has just started prekindergarten. We’ve had some issues with the school nurse. Because she is responsible for two different schools, she cannot be at our son’s school all day, and therefore cannot provide adequate care. What are our rights regarding medical care […]

All the Right Moves: Support for a military child with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

All the Right Moves: Support for a military child with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

My nine-year-old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) five days ago. We are a military family currently stationed in South Korea. We are with very few English resources in the area. It looks like we will get an emergency move to our next duty station in El Paso, TX, in a couple of weeks. How do we find quality care in a foreign country, manage an international move with a child with T1D, and find quality care to deal with a new diagnosis?

In Her Own Words: Hannah Faircloth, JDRF Writing Contest winner

It should come as no surprise that the winner of JDRF’s 2010 Writing Contest loves her language arts class. Thirteen-year-old Hannah Faircloth, who is entering eighth grade this year in Wilmington, NC, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was four years old. But despite her young age, Hannah took her diagnosis in stride, […]

Delegates Storm the Hill

For the delegates of JDRF 2011 Children’s Congress, Members of Congress are much more than just names on a ballot. Many of the young advocates have been writing letters to their legislators for years, and their visit to Washington, D.C., this June was the culmination of months of planning and preparation—beginning with an application. The […]

Town Hall Role Models Score Points for JDRF Children’s Congress

By Talley Henning Brown Regular blood testing and insulin dosing can put a crimp in anyone’s stride, but type 1 diabetes is no deterrent to even the most energetic and ambitious lifestyle—just ask the Town Hall role models. At the JDRF 2011 Children’s Congress Town Hall, five adults with type 1, all successful individuals, told […]

Ask A Parent: Talking to Your Child's School

Q: My 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed only a few weeks ago, and now, putting us all into something of a panic, the start of school is practically here. I haven’t called her school yet, and I wanted to know where I should start when I talk to them. A: From a parent of a child […]

Ask A Parent: Enrolling Your Child in a New School

Q: We had to evacuate our home in New Orleans and move to a new community in Dallas, and I’m worried about enrolling my child in a new school that doesn’t know about his diabetes or his care plan. A: From Lisa Shenson, member of JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team, mother of a daughter with […]

Back to School: Strategies for Success

Team spirit is a big part of every student’s school life. Whether they’re on the debate team or the soccer team, acting in the school play or making teams of their own (fans of superheroes, clubhouse, or gymnastics), being a part of a group is important to a young person’s self identity. Students with type […]