T1D Pregnancy Planning

JDRF today announced the launch of its new JDRF Pregnancy Toolkit. As Andrea Hulke, director of outreach, states for the release:  “We are happy to be able to provide the Pregnancy Toolkit to help ease one of the most important junctures in the lives of future parents with this disease. Most importantly, we want people […]

Q&A: The ABCs of T1D

Question: I am a parent with type 1 diabetes. My children are now ages seven and two, and they are asking questions about it. How do I explain to them what type 1 diabetes is in a way that will help them understand and not be scared? Answer: I have been in this exact same […]

Looking Ahead

As a kid, there were many things I loved about 1968. I looked forward to watching a raucous new TV show called Laugh-In and never missed an episode of the spy spoof Get Smart. I also learned to ski in 1968. When I shushed down the mountain, I pictured myself as the next Jean-Claude Killy, […]

JDRF Launches TypeOneNation

JDRF is dropping names—the name of its online community, to be specific. On November 14, World Diabetes Day, we announced that Juvenation, our online forum for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, had been relaunched as TypeOneNation. Part of JDRF’s new branding initiative, which began with the new organization logo that was unveiled in fall […]

Depression in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

Learning the symptoms and how to cope In the 40-plus years since Larry was diagnosed with diabetes, he has raised a son through a divorce and brought up three step-daughters. He has suffered from complications of his type 1 diabetes that led to him losing his sight in one eye. And he’s suffered from depression, […]