Ask A Parent: Talking to Your Child's School

Q: My 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed only a few weeks ago, and now, putting us all into something of a panic, the start of school is practically here. I haven’t called her school yet, and I wanted to know where I should start when I talk to them. A: From a parent of a child […]

Ask A Parent: Enrolling Your Child in a New School

Q: We had to evacuate our home in New Orleans and move to a new community in Dallas, and I’m worried about enrolling my child in a new school that doesn’t know about his diabetes or his care plan. A: From Lisa Shenson, member of JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team, mother of a daughter with […]

Ask a Medical Professional: What Your Child's School Should Know About Insulin Pumps

By Catherine Marschilok, M.S.N., C.D.E., Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management Children with diabetes are using pump therapy in greater numbers than ever before. When students with diabetes make the leap from injection therapy to insulin pump therapy, everyone involved in their care–including school nurses and health staff members–must be prepared to make the leap […]

Ask A Parent: Getting Your Child Back in the Game

Q: Since his diagnosis two months ago, my 12-year-old son has been more and more frequently sitting on the sidelines during his sports games and school gym classes because he’s anxious about highs and lows. We want to encourage him to participate as he always did before his diagnosis. What can we tell him and […]

Ask a Teen: Sibling Rivalry

Q: My little sister was diagnosed in December, and now she’s getting all the attention, and I’m really jealous. I’m 13 and really know better than that, and I know I need to be more mature, but I can’t help it. HELP ME PLEASE!!! A: I know what it means when siblings of kids with […]

Ask a Parent: 4-Year-Old Resisting Shots

Q: My 4-year-old son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has been resisting his injections. What can I do to give him his shots without a struggle? A: My granddaughter was also diagnosed at age 4, and I remember the overwhelming feelings of fear, sadness, and confusion our entire family dealt with in […]

Ask a Parent: Newly Diagnosed, Where to Start?

Q: My daughter was diagnosed just last week. My husband and I are devastated. We are going through a range of emotions in the midst of learning how we are going to deal with this disease. Where do we start? A: You are not alone. It is very common for parents to have difficulty in […]

Ask a Medical Professional: Diabetes Camp

By Catherine Marschilok, M.S.N., C.D.E., Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management It’s not too early nor too late to think about a diabetes camp for your child this summer. A truly unique experience for those who attend it, diabetes camp might be the only place where children with diabetes are in the majority. To convey […]

Ask a Student: Going on the Pump

A young adult perspective by Allison Blass I went on the pump six years ago, when I was 15. At the time, I really didn’t know very much about it other than it was something I had to wear all the time. Having something attached to me seemed like the uncoolest thing in the world. […]