Traveling with Diabetes

By Kalia Doner No matter where you’ll be spending your vacation, summer is a time to kick back and relax. For a person with diabetes that might sound easier than it actually is, but with just a little bit of planning, a relaxing vacation can be simple. “Just give yourself plenty of time to get […]

Up Close: “Leaving My Comfort Zone”

By Kathryn Larson I still wonder, “What was I thinking?” I had spent my entire life in a secure community near Denver, yet when I was presented with the opportunity to take a two-week tour of Vietnam, I jumped at it – in spite of the fact that not only was I new to travel, […]

Driving and Type 1 Diabetes

As you’ve probably heard, having good blood sugar control is extremely important when it comes to driving. You should always check your blood sugar levels before getting behind the wheel and carry extra snacks and supplies in your car (glucose tablets, juice, crackers, glucose meters, insulin, etc.). Many diabetes educators say that driving with a […]

Managing Type 1 Diabetes as a Teen

Many teens struggle with achieving good type 1 diabetes management as they gain independence and responsibility for their own health. One teen dealing with this issue wrote to the Online Diabetes Support Team and received the following response. Q: I have diabetes for about 7 years now and am still finding it difficult to adjust. […]

5 Tips for the College-Bound Student With Diabetes

Visit the student health center. Meet the staff of the health center. They are your best connection to staying healthy while away from your hometown doctor. Meet the nurses, meet the nutritionist, and meet with a doctor that you can call with questions. Put a business card on your desk bulletin board in case of emergencies. […]

Back to School: Strategies for Success

Team spirit is a big part of every student’s school life. Whether they’re on the debate team or the soccer team, acting in the school play or making teams of their own (fans of superheroes, clubhouse, or gymnastics), being a part of a group is important to a young person’s self identity. Students with type […]

Halloween: A Survival Guide for Parents

Halloween: A Survival Guide for Parents

With just a few tricks in mind, Halloween can still be a treat for children with type 1 diabetes. While children across the nation are going to parties, running from door to door, and eating chocolates and candy by the bagful, there are ways that Halloween can still be fun for children who don’t have […]

Happy Holiday Advice for Parents

The holidays usually mean lots of changes in your normal routine—changes in eating habits, activities, stress levels, and surroundings, among others. When you have a child with type 1 diabetes (T1D), these changes require extra careful planning, but with a positive attitude and some practical tips, you can still have a wonderful holiday season.

Dealing with a New Diagnosis in College

A diabetes diagnosis is shocking at any point in life, but a new diagnosis can be especially difficult in college. Most college students are alone during their diagnosis, which is why education and support are crucial during the first few months. After the Diagnosis Thousands of students with diabetes have lived fun, interesting, and successful […]

Ask a Medical Professional: It Takes a Team…and a Family

By Catherine Marschilok, MSN, CDE, Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management The anniversary of the day the uninvited guest–type 1 diabetes–came into my life to stay is one I would rather not have to acknowledge. It was exactly 20 years ago that our oldest son, David, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8. […]