The $100,000 Man

What does it take to raise $100,000 for type 1 diabetes research—when you are just 13 years old? It takes a stellar idea and a stellar young man. Please meet Matthew Sherr. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) seven years ago at age six, Matthew lives in Westchester County, NY, with his parents and three […]

2012 Capitol Chapter Research Summit

By Susan Learner Barr, M.S., R.D. There’s no end to what you can learn when visiting our nation’s capital. On February 18, more than 600 people, all sharing a connection to type 1 diabetes (T1D), attended the 2012 JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Research Summit hosted by the JDRF Capitol Chapter. A letter in the summit […]

Getting to Know the Glycemic Index

By Susan Learner Barr, M.S., R.D. In type 1 diabetes (T1D), to have good control of your blood-glucose levels, you need to learn how to count carbohydrates (CHO). That’s right, counting CHO is pretty much T1D “Diet 101.” First you learn that CHO are the main source of energy for your body—they are broken down […]

JDRF 2011 Children’s Congress Senate Hearing

By Susan L. Barr What comes to mind when envisioning a “Senate hearing”? Serious men and women engaged in somber statements and reading from weighty documents? Picture this instead: a panel of United States senators listening intently to compelling testimonies about the burden of living with type 1 diabetes from distinguished witnesses—a celebrity advocate and […]