Traveling with Diabetes

By Kalia Doner No matter where you’ll be spending your vacation, summer is a time to kick back and relax. For a person with diabetes that might sound easier than it actually is, but with just a little bit of planning, a relaxing vacation can be simple. “Just give yourself plenty of time to get […]

Know Your Numbers

By Kalia Doner When it comes to managing type 1 diabetes, there’s a lot of pressure on you to hit your target blood glucose levels day in and day out. That can make worrying about other measurements of your overall health—cholesterol, blood pressure, body weight—seem like more than you want to take on. “But the […]

16 Self-Care Tips: Five Experts Offer Their Best Advice

Your Tour Guides for the Most Effective Diabetes Self-Care Ever: William Tamborlane, M.D. Trevor Orchard, M.B.B.Ch Eva Feldman, M.D., Ph.D. Marian Rewers, M.D., Ph.D. Francine Kaufman, M.D. William Tamborlane, M.D., pioneer in the development of the insulin pump and deputy director, Yale Center for Clinical Investigation; chief, Pediatric Endocrinology, Yale University, New Haven, CT “It’s […]

Seeing the Future

and John McIntosh Retinopathy, a common complication of diabetes, develops because of gradual changes to the retina—a delicate, light-sensitive membrane lining the inner eyeball that is connected to the brain via the optic nerve. When diabetic retinopathy (DR) goes untreated, it can compromise the retina, impair vision and cause blindness. The sight-damaging changes to the […]