CEO Message

A Vision for the future

Our 2012 Annual Report is a celebration of JDRF’s 42nd year highlighting many of the amazing supporters and initiatives that make us the global leader in T1D funding we are today. The progress we have made in 42 years is tremendous and our vision for the future has never been clearer or stronger: a world without T1D.
In this world:

  • Children with T1D and their parents sleep through the night without fear
  • An intelligent pump eliminates dangerous high and low blood-sugar levels
  • A single daily insulin injection maintains tight control with no carb counting
  • Developing T1D is no longer a concern for you or your loved ones
  • There is no carb counting, no injections, no T1D

JDRF isn't just imagining this future. We're making it happen. JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic plan to bring a continuous flow of life-changing therapies and, ultimately, a cure for T1D. Our past investments have yielded significant advances. They have also taught us that there will likely be no single “eureka” moment that will cause T1D to vanish all at once. Instead, we know that progress towards a cure will be a series of breakthroughs across different therapeutic approaches occurring on different timelines. JDRF’s strategic plan for research funding will ensure there is an ongoing stream of programs underway to develop and commercialize therapies that lessen the impact of T1D—keeping patients healthy and safe until our vision is achieved.

We're delivering a sustained stream of new, life-changing therapies. Underlying JDRF’s strategy is our work to optimize funding across the translational research continuum—from early stage development through delivery to patients. The most strategic allocation of resources should create improvements that will deliver relatively near-term meaningful clinical impact, as well as ensure there is active academic and industry engagement in early stages of the pipeline necessary to support subsequent generations of therapeutic interventions.

By driving investment across the pipeline, we envision a cascade of progress that will occur over the next 20 years. While we cannot predict exactly what the future holds, given the JDRF-funded research underway today this progress is likely to include:

  • Progressive elimination of blood-glucose testing and automation of insulin delivery through a series of artificial pancreas systems currently in clinical trials;
  • Ability to identify those most at risk for developing complications of T1D;
  • An implantable, islet cell replacement therapy that can restore insulin independence and eliminate the need for immune suppression;
  • Glucose responsive insulin that supports a single shot of insulin per day or week;
  • The body’s ability to regenerate islets to restore normal glucose control while preventing the re-attack of the immune system;
  • Secondary prevention therapies that slow or halt the progression of T1D before insulin dependence; and
  • Primary prevention through universal childhood immunization.

We’re uniquely positioned to create a future without T1D.

Driving this ambitious research progress will require substantial annual investments to reach our goal of living in a time when T1D is spoken about in the past tense. We know the path forward is expensive and will take more than the $530 million JDRF has at work around the globe today advancing our goals. The gap between what we have and what we need is significant. We’re doing all we can to bridge that gap, but we need your help. Your continued support will help change the pace of T1D advancements, accelerating progress down the path to improving lives and curing T1D.

Please join us in creating this future by giving to JDRF today. T1D doesn’t wait—and neither can JDRF.

Thank you for all that you do for JDRF.

Jeffrey Brewer
President and Chief Executive Officer

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