JDRF Launches TypeOneNation

JDRF is dropping names—the name of its online community, to be specific. On November 14, World Diabetes Day, we announced that Juvenation, our online forum for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, had been relaunched as TypeOneNation. Part of JDRF’s new branding initiative, which began with the new organization logo that was unveiled in fall 2011, TypeOneNation is the bigger and better, new and improved place to join the T1D conversation.

Earlier this year, JDRF announced the plan to revamp Juvenation and invited the T1D community to chime in with suggestions for the new site name. This fall, a team of JDRF volunteers and staff members pored over the hundreds of suggestions, looking for names that would best represent the site’s members and mesh seamlessly with JDRF’s new brand. We then put the top three choices to a public vote, and—drum roll, please—TypeOneNation won by a landslide.

The new site offers more than just a new nom de plume, of course—there are new features as well. Along with a new Facebook page and Twitter handle, the site has a JDRF chapter-directory feature and a calendar of upcoming JDRF events happening across the country—all wrapped up with new graphics and logo. JDRF sends a special thank-you to our corporate partner Novo Nordisk for providing a grant to create the site and support it moving forward.

JDRF will be rolling out even more new features in the weeks to come—including a mobile application for smartphones. Whether you were a dedicated member of Juvenation or are totally new to JDRF, we welcome you to TypeOneNation and encourage you to explore the new site today. Visit TypeOneNation.org.