JDRF Featured on AMC’s The Pitch

On May 27, JDRF was featured in AMC’s new original series called The Pitch, an unscripted show that goes behind the scenes at two advertising agencies competing against each other to win the business of a high-profile client. The episode showed two agencies—Bozell and Muse—vying to best represent JDRF’s goal to improve the lives of all people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and to support research toward curing, better treating, and preventing the disease and its complications.

The Pitch is a unique opportunity to raise greater awareness of JDRF and type 1 diabetes, a disease that is not often featured in mainstream media,” says Scott McCormick, chief marketing officer at JDRF. “The show provides 40 minutes of time on national television to get the word out to people who would otherwise not be aware of type 1 diabetes and what JDRF is doing to support research for the disease.”

For the show, Mr. McCormick, along with Jeffrey Brewer, president and chief executive officer of JDRF, and Mania Boyder, senior vice president of development, challenge the two advertising agencies to develop a campaign in seven days that reflects JDRF’s recent brand refresh—updates made to the public face of JDRF in line with its expanding mission. The agencies are called to develop a grassroots digital campaign that positions JDRF as an organization focused on people with T1D who are of all ages and at all stages of the disease.

Spoiler alert! The winning campaign was created by Bozell, whose slogan “Be the Voice of One” best connected with JDRF’s mission and supporters—a rallying cry that JDRF hopes will accelerate fundraising efforts and motivate people to join the organization in its mission to cure, better treat, and prevent T1D. It was the first time that the viewers of the show agreed two-to-one on the winning campaign, and JDRF was the only nonprofit client featured on the show.

“As a direct result of the show, donations to JDRF increased and our social media activity saw a significant boost, both on Twitter and Facebook,” says Mr. McCormick. “It was a notable response, and our goal is to keep that momentum going.”

For more information about the series, visit www.amctv.com/shows/the-pitch  and www.bethevoiceofone.com.