Letter from Leadership: Mania Boyder

Mania BoyderSeason’s greetings to all! Our December issue of Countdown, JDRF’s leading publication, brings you an abundance of research and advocacy news, and photos from some of our most recent events from coast to coast and across the globe. You’ll read about how JDRF is making great strides in better treatments, prevention, and a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D), and you’ll hear about significant events that recently marked our T1D landscape.

In this issue, learn about novel insulin therapies in our article, “The Game Changer: Treating type 1 diabetes with glucose-responsive insulins.” We’re supporting research to develop insulins called “glucose-responsive insulins,” or “GRIs,” which can deliver this vital hormone to the body precisely when and where it’s needed, in precisely the right amounts. Read our update about a prize that we’ve created to attract the best and most innovative thinking from across many fields of expertise to advance the formulation of GRIs.

Expand your knowledge about beta cell encapsulation with our article, “Encapsulation: Protection for islet cells,” which focuses on the science of protecting transplanted islet cells with a barrier that shields them from an attack from the immune system. You’ll read about how we’ve brought together scientists from diverse fields of expertise to work on beta cell encapsulation, which is one of JDRF’s priority areas of research.

On the festive side, enjoy hearing from celebrity chef Sam Talbot about his 12 strategies for preparing for the holidays—hectic times and all. Sam’s been living with T1D for more than 20 years (and working incredibly hard on his cooking career for almost as long), and his tricks of the trade are custom-made for T1D healthy holiday planning.

And, on the subject of staying healthy, immerse yourself in our story, “The Low Blood Sugar Fire Drill,” written by JDRF Online Diabetes Support Team member Darren Bolton, who has T1D. It’s Darren’s true story—and one that will urge you to be ready for an unexpected hypoglycemia episode.

Check out our Highlights section, which features important news from this month’s long-awaited action from the FDA on the subject of guidance for testing the artificial pancreas in an outpatient setting. We also bring you updates on recent publications of JDRF-funded research, exciting news about partnerships to advance T1D research, and coverage of the first ever T1D Day, which took place on November 1, 2011 (11-1-11).

This season’s Countdown is filled with news that brings us good cheer and hope as we look ahead to 2012. And we are so proud to share JDRF’s progress and exciting activities with you. From everyone in our community at JDRF—all dedicated to supporting better treatments, prevention, and ultimately a cure for T1D—we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.