Zip the Cure: Determined teen fights type 1 diabetes one zip code at a time

Monica Oxenreiter, of Pittsburgh, PA, is not only a teenager living with type 1 diabetes – she’s also the brains behind Zip the Cure (ZTC), a campaign that defines creative fundraising. The simple but powerful idea behind the program is to raise $100 in every zip code in the nation to fund type 1 diabetes research. Add up $100 from every zip code and that’s a remarkable goal of $4.2 million! And if you think there’s no way to begin tackling that big of a goal, think again – the campaign’s already raised more than $60,000 since launching on November 14, 2009 (World Diabetes Day).

Monica’s impressive efforts in developing ZTC make sense when you consider that her entire family has been tremendously involved with JDRF since her diagnosis at just 13 months old. Monica and her brother (who was diagnosed at age eight) both served as JDRF Children’s Congress delegates in 2005, and Monica’s mom is involved across all levels of JDRF leadership, including as a member of JDRF’s International Board of Directors and as chair of the Board’s Outreach committee.

ZTC is authorized by JDRF as a third-party fundraiser, so all the proceeds it raises go directly to JDRF. Many volunteers run ZTC from all over the nation – there is no paid staff, just dedicated people who want to make a difference.

ZTC needs just one person in every zip code who is willing to help. Visit to see if you may be that person and to learn how you can join this exciting campaign!