JDRF Funds the Development of a New Insulin that Reacts to Blood Sugar

JDRF has entered into a partnership with the company SmartCells, Inc., to advance the development of SmartInsulin, an insulin that is administered just once a day and that is “self-regulating.” After it is injected, the insulin is only released in response to the body’s glucose levels. Unlike currently available insulins, SmartInsulin is designed to maintain continuous, tight control of blood sugar levels while reducing the risk of hypoglycemia—like the pancreas does automatically in people without type 1 diabetes. JDRF is providing funding to support safety and efficacy trials of SmartInsulin, with the goal of accelerating its development and reducing the time needed to move to human testing. The grant is part of JDRF’s innovative Industry Discovery and Development Partnership (IDDP) program, which supports companies developing treatments and technologies for type 1 diabetes and its complications.