Industry Partner Sangamo BioSciences On Track With Phase II Study of Neuropathy Therapy

Sangamo BioSciences, one of JDRF’s Industry Discovery and Development Partners, recently announced that it has completed the enrollment of its Phase 2 multi-center placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluating SB-509, a zinc finger protein for the treatment of mild to moderate diabetic neuropathy. JDRF will provide up to $3 million toward the study. SB-509 is an engineered protein that acts as a transcription factor, binding directly to DNA and specifically turning up the production of a gene encoding vascular endothelial growth factor—a molecule that has been shown to have direct neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects. Sangamo’s pre-clinical and Phase 1 studies of SB-509 suggest that the therapy may have disease-altering benefits, possibly by directly protecting and restoring nerve function; current treatments only address the pain associated with neuropathy. The Phase 2 trial will evaluate peripheral sensory neuropathy in the legs, a common diabetes complication whose initial symptoms of numbness and tingling in the toes or feet often gradually evolve to a loss of sensation and motor function as nerve damage progresses.