Anti-CD3 Industry Partners Form Alliances with Major Pharmaceutical Companies

Two of JDRF’s Industry Discovery and Development partners (IDDP) entered into global alliances with pharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize anti-CD3 antibodies for the treatment of early-stage type 1 diabetes. IDDP partner MacroGenics entered into an alliance with Eli Lilly and Company to develop teplizumab, an anti-CD3 antibody that has been effective in clinical trials at slowing disease progression in newly diagnosed patients. The second JDRF partner, Tolerx, formed an alliance with GlaxoSmithKline to develop otelixizumab, another anti-CD3 antibody. If these collaborative partnerships successfully commercialize cures and treatments for diabetes, JDRF also shares in the financial results of that process, enabling the foundation to recoup its support of those projects and fund other research programs leading to a cure. To date, JDRF’s IDDP program has funded type 1 diabetes projects at 22 companies.